karnataka wreck and scubadiving


You can expect to see Butterfly Fishes, Angel Fishes, Red Snappers, Trigger Fishes, Nudies & lots of Coral Life. If you are lucky, you can see the world famous Dugongs which have made the Shiroor Rocks their home & can be seen exclusively in this area of Karnataka.

The visibility on an average, is like 4 to 5 meters. On good days, the visibility goes upto 10 to 12 meters. The dive sites are in shallow depths upto 6 to 15 meters.


This wreck is of a chinese ship which got into trouble & was caught in bad weather sank near Bhatkal Lighthouse during the 1980's. The Ship was 120 meter long & broken into 3 pieces. The depth at the bottom of the wreck is at 38 meters & the top of the ship is visible from a depth of about 15 meters.

This wreck is very densely populated with fish life. With Giant Groupers, Red Snappers & you can see the Schools of Great Barracudas circling the wreck. The site is also popular with local fisherman so you have to be careful of fishing nets & lines lying around the wreck. You need to leave early for this dive to be sure to find the wreck & avoid Currents & Choppy Seas.